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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Could Your Online Managers Use A Little Help?

What is it costing you to maintain your online auto auction? How much are you spending on the technology? The clerks? The CR writers? The integration services? Are you projecting a return on your investment, or simply folding the cost into your brick-and-mortar operation, and calling it a day? Are you waiting for 'someday' when everyone is just going to catch on, or do you have a strategy for growth? Finally, once you reach your growth potential, is your business prepared to scale?
It's a common scenario... one Online Manager... 20 different directions. Without dedicated support and an Internet marketing strategy, your online business may never scale to reach its full potential, much less pay for the cost of the staff and technology it takes to run it. Vcommerce has found a way to minimize the cost of adding additional resources through a collective approach that will serve to incite buyer confidence throughout the industry. In addition, it allows your auction to become part of a National Online Inventory Distribution Network actively represented by our team.
Auto Auctions have been asking for support, guidance, marketing services, training, and tools to compliment the online initiative. These are the seeds from which Vcommerce has grown. Still, there is a question of cost. So here's the question...If you could pay nearly the same price it costs you to run one lane on simulcast to turn your Online Manager into an online team, and market your business nationally... would you do it?

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