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Saturday, March 26, 2016

The First Ever... Online Auto Auction Review Site

Reputation Management is a key component to conducting business online. That being said, this Labor Day (September 7, 2015), Auto Dealers and Consignors are going to have the opportunity to provide feedback regarding their experiences with buying and selling vehicles on the internet through auto auctions all over the U.S. and Canada. will make its debut as the first, and only, online auto auction review site - connecting dealers, consignors, auto auctions, and technology vendors. in an effort to help the online auto auction industry reach its full potential.
Brick-and-Mortar Auto Auctions have always carried a reputation for providing their customers with a business modeled after their own desires. The common theme being, "This is YOUR auction." When technology was thrust upon the industry, it included every button necessary to complete a transaction. What it lacked was a method for bringing the traditional customer focus into view. is a platform designed to bridge the gap between the auctions, and their online customers. It is a respectable arena where auction customers may leave positive or constructive feedback. Auctions will have an opportunity to make improvements based on customer reviews, and will have access to a wide selection of training, support, and management products geared towards setting and accomplishing online goals. Profile matching will help dealers quickly locate online auctions within their desired geographical range. The overall objective is to improve customer confidence, encourage online participation, and increase the number of qualified online venues available in the virtual space.
The launch of is the first in a 2-part introduction of Vcommerce - an organization focused on developing standards for the online auto auction community. The subscription features will continue to be rolled out as we gear up for the Vcommerce Grand Opening Launch at Used Car Week in November. Interested in tracking our progress? Feel free to follow us on LinkedIn as we provide continual updates: